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Give me GOLD!

February 9, 2010

Broken gold jewelleryI know it’s hard to ask for cash in a credit crunch.  I tried to think of a way to raise funds that is easy to support and think I’ve come up with something that fits the bill.  I hope you can help me.

Do you have a little bit of unwanted or broken gold jewellery, sitting in a jewellery box, shoved in a drawer or in a little pot on a shelf?  What use is one earring, a chain or bracelet that is snapped, or a ring with a missing stone? Most mass produced jewellery is more expensive to repair than to buy new.

Your broken or unwanted gold jewellery can be used to help vulnerable and homeless children.  As part of my fund raising for this Gulf for Good challenge, I am collecting unwanted gold.   Each piece on its own is pretty worthless but the little bits and pieces of gold added together can be sold to raise funds towards my target  (at least 12,000 AED).  It’s a great excuse to clear out your drawers  and benefit  children who are orphans or in refugee camps in Lebanon.  Please help – contact me today to arrange drop off or collection.

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