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Circuit training – that dreaded phrase

February 12, 2010
Circuit training on the beach

Circuits on the beach - should have taken video so you could hear the grunting. (Click on the image to see more photos)

The last time I did circuit training was in the late 80’s.  Someone persuaded me to go and after an hour of excrutiating endurance and being shouted at by an ex SAS man, I decided that nothing would ever tempt me to embark on that particular brand of torture ever again.  However I’ve made the commitment to this trek and I’m determined to join in every session that Gulf for Good arrange – I just hadn’t accounted for it including my fitness equivalent of Room 101.

I had to walk my dogs first so the alarm went at 6.30, my weekday wake up, which seems extra painful when it’s the weekend (Friday and Saturday in Dubai if you are wondering).  I woke my 11 and 13 year old fully expecting them to change their minds about volunteering to come with me, but they emerged bleary-eyed 10 minutes later.  They were fairly aghast at the fitness gear I had rescued from the back of my cupboard.  Cycling shorts so old that the Nike logo wasn’t a tick (no joke).  The Beach road was nearly empty but after parking by the open beach we found that many people were up and out already, jogging, walking, cycling and even shadow boxing.  The Gulf for Good team are really great at introducing themselves and the other challengers.  Polly Wildman and Candice Howe, the personal trainers running the circuit session, donate their time.  I met a few more people who have signed up for Lebanon.  I felt encouraged that none looked super fit (sorry if you are reading this) and that we all have to put in a similar amount of dedication to achieve our trek.

Training on a lovely beach does have it’s advantages.  The temperature was perfect at that time in the morning, the sky was deep blue and white gulls perched on the waves.  We warmed up, jogging between palm trees and then got down to the circuits.  First time round wasn’t too bad although I was shocked at how difficult I found sit ups and the upper body work.  The girls were way ahead of me and laughed at my puny efforts.  Dubai One TV turned up unannounced and filmed us in our unflattering poses; “stick your bottom right out and think of a cold loo seat” urged Polly.  The session was well designed, you could choose the level of difficulty to your ability, but 2 rounds of the circuits was enough.  By the time we were doing our cool down stretches we had spectators joining in at a distance.  I announced my “Gold for Good” idea so I hope I’ll get some contributions of broken and unwanted jewellery next time.  My daughters were full of good resolutions inspired by the session and we walked to the Lime Tree Cafe where they chose the healthiest things on the menu (very unusual for Bea!).

Although I’ve been briskly walking for about 2 hours everyday for the last 2 weeks, I know I’m going to be in pain tomorrow from this “cross-training”.  Good grief – I’m even using the fitness lingo now!

  1. February 17, 2010 9:08 am

    Hehehe! I love this description of Friday morning – almost makes me wish I could have been there!! Hope your body recovered well. Unfortunately, there’s no training this week, as we’ll all be at the RAK Half Marathon manning a water station and an information station – if you fancy another early morning, you’re more than welcome to join us and I can guarantee that you only need to watch people exercising, not participate 🙂 Px

    • February 17, 2010 9:36 am

      The squats were a killer. Today, Wednesday, is my first twinge-free day so I’ve stopped groaning every time I sat down or got up. Needless to say the girls were pain free. Sorry can’t join you but good luck in RAK.


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