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No pain, no gain (regrettably)

March 16, 2010
Blue sky and palm tree

My view.

A lot has happened in the month since I was last on the beach contemplating circuit training.  I feel much fitter due to regular visits to the gym under the expert guidance of kind Ann Harrington who has even lured me to climb more stairs.   The seemingly sweet-natured Candice and Polly decided to inflict the exercise equivalent of thumb-screws and the rack this time though and there were many more audible groans and gasps from everyone.   The compensations include sharing the pain (and the gain) with a really lovely group of people and the surroundings (this pic was my view when doing sit-ups). I must also thank my 11 year old daughter for abandoning her precious Friday lie-in to come with me.

Brian Wilkie, who is the Chairman of the Board of Govenors for Gulf for Good is leading the trek in Lebanon and is going there this month to visit the charities that benefit (the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and SOS Childrens Villages) and check out some of the route.  Brian is a bit of a legend in Dubai and has contributed an enormous amount to our local community including driving the concept, the fund-raising and the implementation of DUCTAC at Mall of the Emirates.  He agreed to be filmed last time we were on the beach so he could publicise Gulf for Good – but it ended up about how nice it is to live in Dubai! Watch the video to see a bit of us in action (thankfully my exertions are off-camera)!

Choueiri Group logoAnother legend was Antoine Choueiri the Lebanese media mogul who died last week and could easily be described as the Rupert Murdoch of the Middle East.  MBC/Choueiri Group has pledged to support this trek most generously and I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for this as well as offering my condolences to Antoine Choueiri’s family and colleagues.  He’s left a huge legacy and the support of these causes is one small but vital part of this.

Thanks to everyone who has slipped a little bit of gold into my hand this week.  The small amounts will soon grow into something more substantial.  I’m going to host an open-house morning sometime in April so anyone who would like to bring their gold can drop it off.  I’ll decide on a date soon – let me know if you are interested in receiving more information.  And it’ll come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, there will be cake!

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