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A sitting down protest

March 29, 2010
Hazel and Rosie Border Terriers

Hazel and Rosie refusing to move

This post was going to be about the amazing sense of well-being that exercise gives you,  I was going to be positively evangelistic about stair climbing (I walked up Jumeirah Beach Residence three times including some double steps i.e. 120 floors), wax lyrical about the high that endorphins deliver and the fact that I feel trimmer and stronger already.  However, I came down with a bump or should I say a virus, last weekend and have crawled around feeling pathetic for a week.  Also my toe still hasn’t healed – I suspect it’s broken – and after surfing medical websites (and discounting the ones that mention gangrene or amputation) I conclude it just needs time and for me to refrain from walking. Hmmm – not likely.  It was with relief, therefore, that I stepped out on my morning walk today with renewed joie de vivre and strode off at a brisk pace.  Unfortunately, the temperatures have crept up.  The dogs were OK when I was doing a good impression of a goods train last week but Hazel, in particular, did not like the sudden return to form.  There was a sitting down protest – repeated quite often during my circuit of Umm Suqeim.

The importance of thorough training for this trek was once again brought home to me by my friend Lee’s account of her trip to Kilimanjaro recently.  Her training schedule made mine look like a pensioner’s outing but the relentlessness of the steep conditions, the living rough, the cold and the altitude really took its toll and the last day sounded like torture.  My challenge won’t be so extreme.  However, it is one thing to do a day’s trek and quite another to repeat it five days in a row.  I’m back on track with renewed vigor and commitment and Arpana from Gulf for Good has just sent a message about another stair climb – yay!

Gulf for Good logoI’m looking forward to our trek briefing this Wednesday given by the challenge leader Brian Wilkie who has been on a “recce” to Lebanon this week.  He has never been allowed to forget an earlier trip where he drove a route the group would cycle and totally underestimated how gruelling it would be on a bike!  He promises he won’t do this to us. Brian is Chairman of the Board of Governors for Gulf for Good and this week their Facebook fan page is 1 year old.  Social media is great for non-profits and charities because it’s free and helps to spread news of the work they do.  G 4 G are trying to reach 1,000 members to celebrate so please join if you are a Facebook user.

Thanks to Margaret and everyone who has been giving gold to me – even the tiniest bit will help.  I hear so much about the plight of the Palestinian people in the Middle East and, whatever your politics, you can’t deny that ordinary people suffer, especially the children.  It’s good to be able to help in some way.

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