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I found a fortune

April 17, 2010
Lebanese money

The fortune

I was having a clear out of my study this week and found a bag of assorted bank notes and coins that we’ve collected from over 15 years of travelling.  I usually come back from a trip brimming with enthusiasm and shove the left over money into a drawer thinking I must go back to that country one day.  I have never been to Lebanon but my husband has travelled there and amongst this bag of booty were 2 beautiful bank notes from Lebanon.  I got very excited about this as they added up to 101000 livres – enough for spending money for a week plus some left over for a small holiday home in the Bekaa valley?  A quick visit to a currency convertor site soon punctured my day dream and revealed its worth as 247 aed ( about 44 GBP or 67 USD).  I’ll  need a bit more than this so will visit the bank this week.

I’ve banked with Emirates NBD for over 8 years and they have always given excellent service.  Recently, I have more reasons to thank them as they are supporting this challenge and have given a generous donation for the PCRF and SOS Children’s Villages which I am sincerely grateful for.Emirates NBD logoI know from past experience how much Emirates NBD do to support initiatives in our local community, often in a very discreet way, that makes a big difference.  Thank you Emirates NBD.

I’m in real awe of P from Gulf for Good this week as she came to a bash at my house to support my challenge.  As it was a private do I can’t say too much, but it was very lively, very late, and gave a big boost to my fund-raising.  Country Hill International donated the most enormous and delicious piece of beef (Stockyard grain-fed Aberdeen Angus) I have ever tasted, Greenhouse gave magnificent cheese and Lindt added luxurious sweet treats.  The team from MMI and Le Clos ensured the evening was brilliantly entertaining.   P sent me a text early the next morning as I was putting on my rubber gloves to wash up about 200 glasses (no joke) to say that she’d just completed the Marriot stair climb twice – such is her dedication.  I was struggling to walk up my own stairs having been on my feet all night.  With less than 3 weeks to go I need to follow P’s example and be really dedicated to one last push of fitness training.  Less of the ‘hands that do dishes’ and more of the ‘feet that do treadmills’. And for those of you have been following this blog, my toe is a lot better thank you!

P.S. Remember this is the last week to give me your gold – drop in for a cup of tea on Wednesday.  The work these charities do is really worthwhile so I appreciate anything you can give, however small.  Contact me for details.

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