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Gold became good

April 27, 2010

‘I don’t believe it” (said in the best Victor Meldrew tones).  I’ve just returned from the Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai and I feel like a magician or someone in Aladdin, “new lamps for old”.  As followers of this blog will know, I’ve been asking friends, family and acquaintances to look in the back of their drawers, jewellery boxes and the pot on the mantelpiece (or equivalent – this IS sweltering Dubai after all) and donate any little bits of unwanted gold to support this challenge.  I had an open house last week as a last opportunity for people to give their bits of gold to me and, today, put it all in a plastic bag to take to the buyer.

Bits of gold in a plastic bag
My stash in a small plastic bag.

I had a copy of my passport with me (a legal requirement to stop thieves selling their booty I presume) and after wandering around a bit, I eventually found Kanz Jewels.  The friendly men at Kanz spread the gold out and started examining each tiny piece – I was going to be here for a while.  I worked out that there were three piles and they kept conferring with each other in a language I didn’t understand.  One pile was definitely the better gold and I was silently rooting for it to get bigger.  Eventually, they weighed two of the piles – it really didn’t look very much at all.  One pile was given back to me as silver and non-gold items, one lot was 10 carat and the other 18 carat.

In the gold shop
Examining the gold.

I was absolutely astonished when they offered..well I’m not sure I should say here on this blog how much, but here it is (equivalent to half my original target):

A bag of UAE dirhams
Cash for children in need.

To the men in Kanz (sorry I’ve forgotten your names in my excitement) thank you.  To everyone who has given their little pieces of gold, thank you. To any Gulf for Good challengers, I recommend this as a way that people can support a good cause by donating something that would have little value on its own but can be converted into an amount that will really make a difference.  And as a reminder of those causes:

Ophaned children playing in their home

I’m off to do some more training, with a massive spring in my step and joy in my heart.  Thank you.

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