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How I learned to like stairclimbing…

April 30, 2010

To quote P, the weekly fitness sessions that are run by Gulf for Good are “a chance to meet other people who are doing the same challenge as you and to measure your fitness levels.’  My last stair climb up the Marriot Harbour Hotel Dubai, prior to leaving for Lebanon certainly proved the latter.  I do feel fitter but it certainly never gets any easier in the gym and circuit training is hard.  Today I climbed all 55 floors, ran down again and did it again and felt I could have done it a third time.  This is a massive boost to my confidence before I set off for my challenge, especially when I look back at the agony of the first time a did this climb which was less than 8 weeks ago.  The really nice thing about these sessions is the friendliness and people call out encouragement to each other as we pass on the stairs.  Everyone feels comfortable to go at their own pace.  For some that pace is pretty awesome.  We were joined by adventurer Adrian Hayes who is the 15th person in the World, and the fastest person in history, to achieve the “3 Poles” of the Earth – sumitting Mt Everest and walking the entire way to the North and South Poles.  He ran up and down at least three times (when I left he was still going).  Kilimanjaro challenger Nabil Habbouche had loaded up his back pack with heavy books and stones – he was carrying about 10 kg. Go Nabil!

There was a G4G social evening this week in Tricia Evan’s garden to show a film of the Annapurna circuit trek. I’d seen it before but enjoyed it even more on second viewing in the presence of the team that had done the challenge.  They sat together on the lawn and roared with laughter at the film.  It documented everything from the stunning scenery, the Nepalese people they met along the way, sore feet, washing in rivers, navigating treacherous paths, coping with altitude, visiting the charities and planting trees for them.  They also let their hair down big time!  The film had been made by one of the people on the trek and I’ll let you know if he puts it on YouTube.  I hope that we will feel a similar level of camaraderie after our journey. It felt really strange to say ‘goodbye and see you at the airport’ when we parted.

Gulf for Good staff and govenors

Gulf for Good staff and board members introduce the film

Showing the film

Showing the Annapurna film

Annapurna challengers view the film

Annapurna challengers first viewing of the film

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