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Now you see it, now you don’t

March 8, 2012

My usual walk takes me past several areas dedicated to building and repairing racing dhows.  These traditional boats of the Gulf used to be made without a single nail but I think quite a lot of glueing is done these days.  It’s a magnificent sight to see a group of them, sails billowing, on the horizon.  The shape of the Burj al Arab is said to have been inspired by the sail of a dhow.  Walking back from watching the first round of National Day festivites last December, the light from the setting sun lit up these rusty dhow sheds.

Dhow sheds

Dhow sheds

I did a double take the other morning.  The sheds have been torn down and some brand new ones put in their place.  Neatness versus rusty? I know which I’d choose.

New dhow shedsPerhaps I should visit them at sunset.

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