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Dubai in the dark

November 12, 2013

We were able to sit out in the garden for book club and the evening marks the start of a long season of dining outdoors, barbecues and living in the fresh air (before the temperatures and humidity rocket again).


Mosque seen across sand

I was ridiculously excited that, in a very car focused society and environment, it was a short walk to C’s villa. Dawdling home just before midnight, the streets were deserted. The odd cat darted in the shadows, an occasional vehicle sped by, some workmen murmured together near a building site.
Nowhere is really dark especially with the glare of coloured neon (health, beauty and ‘aesthetic’ clinics). The filigree of ornate gates are back lit, geometric shapes and forms softened by palms.
Dubai in the dark from a pedestrian’s perspective is full of secrets.

Gates and pots - dubai in the dark

Gate and pots

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