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Everything is pink

November 14, 2013
Dhow building yard

Dhow building yard

As the Dubai winter creeps in, each morning the sunrise becomes more intense. The view is muted and bathed for a short while in a rosy glow. Scant clouds break up the hazy skies, the sea gleams colour, white concrete walls (of which there are many) reflect watercolour tints of rose madder and pale aureolin.

sunset beach

Pink clouds from the dawn over sunset beach

Bind cats

How many cats having their breakfast? One peeping out from behind the bin

Cat and dogs

A cat followed us up the road then they all sat down and contemplated each other

cooking house

This is the cooking house all rebuilt. Lovely aromas still emanate.


I love this fancy gold mosque against the white scruffy buildings

sunrise on walls

No retouching involved. Dawn colours reflected

More about the cooking house here.

All images taken on iphone4s and post written plus uploaded in same using WordPress app.

Anything that’s made you smile recently from a pedestrian’s view?

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