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The Charities

I was inspired to sign up for this trek by the fantastic charities that it benefits, the valuable work they do and the difference they make to the lives of vulnerable children.  We were privileged to visit both local charities during our trip to Lebanon and witness the amazing work they do.

Gulf For Good

Based in the UAE, Gulf For Good are responsible for organising this challenge.  They also research and appoint the children’s charities located in the country where the challenge takes place.  Read more about Gulf For Good

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

The funds raised by this challenge will pay for emergency dental equipment and x-ray machine for use in refugee camps.

The economic and political circumstances facing the 300,000 plus refugee population in Lebanon has steadily deteriorated over the years, leaving many families without the means to access Lebanese health care facilities on their own. As part of the PCRF’s humanitarian mission to serve the medical needs of sick and injured Palestinian children throughout the Middle East, the PCRF continues to sponsor the surgical care and treatment for Palestinian refugee children in local Lebanese hospitals, whenever financially and medically possible.    The PCRF remains dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian assistance to at-risk children in Lebanon’s impoverished refugee camps.  Read more about the PCRF

Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages

We hope to furnish two concrete houses for 16 orphaned children and their ‘house mothers’.

The Lebanese Association for SOS Children’s Villages believes that every child has the right to live within a family and to grow surrounded by love, respect and security.  The family-based child care model of the SOS Children’s Villages is based on 4 principles that satisfy the basic needs of every child.  Read more about the Lebanese Association for SOS Children’s Villages

The UAE has provided medical care in some of the most desperate cases in conjunction with the PCRF.  Follow these links to read more:

Surgery gives a young man hope

Get involved in a noble cause

Limbs for kids

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