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A few more random things

  • I have A LOT of cookery books (to cook from and read in bed)
  • I don’t know the meaning of under-catering
  • My Twitter name used to be Sally2hats because I once wore one hat to the church and another in the evening at a wedding
  • Nirvana for me is walking in the English countryside (which is a bit sad as I live in a desert).
  • Still on that theme, my favourite footwear is walking boots (with gaiters) – I wouldn’t swap them even if offered Jimmy Choos.
  • My children were perched on a stool making scrambled eggs, stirring risotto, rolling meatballs and helping in the kitchen.  They had pureed vegetables for baby food, we had family meals together and they ate everything until the age of two years old. How did I end up with a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables and a teen who won’t eat fish, tomatoes or anything on the bone?
  • If forced to choose one musical genre it would be jazz.
  • Roast pork, crackling, apple sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cabbage and gravy would be my death row meal.
  • I’ll stick my hands up a chicken’s bottom (the dead kind I hasten to add) but hate touching sticky dough.
  • Rearing chickens is a recurring fantasy.
  • Reading Dickens is my stress relief.
  • I have an incurable addiction to The Archers.
  • I haven’t visited nearly enough vineyards in my life or learnt enough about wine but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to know more …and taste more.
  • When things get tough I imagine being back at the ‘echo place’ in Wadi Rum in Jordan, in the Qaddisha Valley in Lebanon or on top of Widgery Cross on Dartmoor.
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