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Walking on Sunshine

You may be hearing the Katrina and the Waves song in your head as you read those words but not me.  It’s the Eddy Grant version that takes me back to the 80’s (or even the Rockers Revenge remix).  Katrina was just too squeaky clean for my liking.

My name is Sally and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (a British expatriate).  I first started sharing my thoughts here with a very fixed purpose in mind – training, fund-raising for and documenting a challenge for charity along part of the Lebanon Mountain Eco Trail.  It was a fantastic experience, life-changing in a quiet way and among other things it made me want to keep writing about my passion for walking.

I walk my two dogs – Border terriers called Hazel and Rosie – in my neighbourhood in Dubai daily.  It’s thinking time for me and as an inveterate nosey person I like the pace that enables me to peek into open gates, stare up at mosque towers and observe the varied inhabitants out on the streets.

Dubai is a vibrant and energetic city but I miss walking in the countryside so much sometimes it aches.  I’m lucky enough to escape to Europe over the scorching summer with a few other trips near and far too.  This is the place to share my favourite walks, a few thoughts and observations…all from a pedestrian viewpoint whether at home or away.

It’s great to receive comments or you can use the contact form below to send me an e-mail.  Just type your message in the box and click the submit button.

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