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More about Meeta K Wolff

Meeta K Wolff  You may know Meeta as the vibrant voice behind What’s for Lunch, Honey? where the pages are packed full of her original recipes and beautiful images.  She is also one-quarter of the Plate to Page team who have already conducted three original and inspiring workshop events uniquely designed  so that food bloggers can improve their skills to the maximum in a nurturing and practical environment.  She has also been a major force behind a photography, styling and design workshop in Germany this summer.  Testimonials abound to the success of these small intensive courses.

Meeta has been commissioned to provide recipe features for many prestigious titles including enroute magazine (in house magazine for Air Canada) and Eckes Granini (Germany), Harper’s Bazaar (India),  Crush magazine (South Africa) and Zeit Magazin (Germany). This July she launched an ebook reflecting the recipes, stories and images from What’s For Lunch, Honey? her beautiful blog which has been nominated for several awards, including finalist in the Weblog Awards 2010 and 2011 for Best European Weblog and can also be found on the Times Online’s Top 50 Food Blogs. Her photography is represented by Wonderful Machineand has been featured and recognized in magazines and websites around the world. As a writer her work has been published in the Foodies of the World, a guide to food blogs around the world published by the Slattery Media Group.

Meeta’s perspective on food photography and styling is unconventional and she is not afraid to break certain rules to capture the perfect shot. Her photography portfolio Meeta Khurana Wolff Photography offers an insight into her work.

I think she inspires people, including myself, because of her very original style and her warm and generous personality.


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Food photography by Meeta K Wolff

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