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August in a photo a day

September 2, 2012

This challenge (set by FatMumSlim) has been a snapshot of our month in the UK – a visual memory board. Starting in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, via Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and Bath in Somerset to various parts of Devon and Cornwall. The ‘pair’ shot was supposed to be both my teens flying down a zip wire together but I couldn’t work out how to get a still frame from the video so you get single husband instead! Faces should have been two dogs – but have you tried to get two dogs in the same place? The doleful Maurice on his own was a much nicer pic. The home image was the hardest to take as we’ve been away from ours for so long. We fly to back to Dubai today, so September will be a very different collection altogether. To view the gallery just click on the first image.

If you enjoyed these pics I’d love to hear from you. Here’s July if you missed it. What happened to you in August?

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