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Looking back and looking forward

June 20, 2014

Taking photos every single day of my life is second nature to me now. Years of art classes with Susan Elliot, a very inspiring teacher from the US, helped me to look at the world with ‘an artist’s eye’. You tune into light, contrast, shape and form. It’s also related to mindfulness which I’m trying to practice; taking time to be in the moment and focus very intensely on the now. Taking a photo of your every day surroundings helps with this too.

I’ve joined in with Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge for the past couple of years when I’ve visited the UK. For some reason or another I’ve only just got round to publishing the ones from last summer here (they were on Instagram before this). It’s an alternative view of our time there and I think this series tells a story in itself.

All pics taken on an iphone 4S – to view the gallery click on one image.

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