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Definitely looking forward….

June 23, 2014
Gifford's Circus

Gifford’s Circus – we haven’t missed one season

In less than ten days I’ll be off. My annual break in the UK is imminent. I’m finding this difficult to come to terms with, it seems so unreal, and yet it’s a ritual that has happened every year for almost two decades.

Part of me feels really guilty. That’s my Catholic upbringing talking and I’m trying to pack it away in a ziplock bag and leave it behind. Part of me is overwhelmed by the stuff I’ve got to do before I go. The piles of stuff in my study – it’s an absolute tip at the moment – the volume of work, some vital chores, a dissertation for a course that I have to write and give in, the blog posts on MCP I’d like to get finished before I go, packing…

Butterflies in my stomach rise up to my throat and threaten to choke me. Keep calm, keep calm…

The best way to do this is via lists and to do a bit of packing. Then the anticipation becomes manageable and pleasurable.

Fat Mum Slim’s list of photo-a-day prompts is live. Something beginning with K is for July 2nd when I’ll be on a plane. Wondering what photo I’ll take. This is when looking forward to something becomes delicious.


What are you looking forward to? How do you deal with packing, ‘to do’ lists and overwhelming life?

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