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My summer – July 2014 via a Photo a day

August 10, 2014

Apart from the first day, the whole of my July was spent in the UK under mainly sunny skies. This month I was in Cheltenham, The Peak District, Manchester, Devon, Cornwall, Winchester and Bath… and here it is through the filter of Fat Mum Slim‘s photo-a-day themes. I also tested out her newly launched ‘little moments’ app which is excellent (plus I use Snapseed and Fuzel apps). My new walking boots got broken in quickly if not their waterproof capabilities.

For the full story behind the pictures, hop over to instagram. The pics here are in galleries which means I can’t link each one to instagram so here’s the link to red and white – you can navigate from there. I hope you enjoy them. P.S. There are 33 where I couldn’t choose between two on a couple of days.  How have you been spending July?


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