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My summer – August 2014 via a Photo a day

September 1, 2014

So I’m back in Dubai and the blue skies and green open spaces of England seem so far away in distance, time and memory. Already these pics hold such poignant memories for me, starting with peering out of the window of elder teens hotel room that I booked for her to stay in on her 18th birthday. We went out to Les Miserables then she headed off into the night on her first night as a legal adult. Gulp.

Where did it all go? This summer? Her childhood? This life!

For the full story behind the pictures, hop over to instagram. The pics here are in galleries which means I can’t link each one to instagram so here’s the link to the fist image – you can navigate from there. I hope you enjoy them. P.S. There are 33 where I couldn’t choose between two on a couple of days.  What did you do in August?

My suitcases were stuffed full on my return. Find out what was in them and is now in my kitchen here


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